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Thread: AMD Kabini radeon HD 8400 and opensuse13.1x64

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    Default AMD Kabini radeon HD 8400 and opensuse13.1x64

    I've just installed fresh Opensuse 13.1x64 on a comp with AMD Kabini CPU with integrated HD8400 graphics. All the updates were loaded with the instalation. The open source "radeon" driver works pretty well except turning the display black and freezing it on random which makes me to look for other drivers. I tried the AMD driver from official site as well as the unoffical opensuse repo but with no luck -now everything just stops at the end of booting just before going into graphical stage - the display, the keyboard and the mouse. I read all the tutorials here in the forum and the Suse ones abt configuration of the ATI graphical card and did all the neccessary steps with no success. If anyone knows what should be done in order any of the drivers get stable and workable please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: AMD Kabini radeon HD 8400 and opensuse13.1x64

    Maybe you should try a newer kernel.
    The kernels above 3.13 works with my AMD graphics much more better and without need of extra driver.

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