Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum......

I have a JeOS image that I can boot from our PXE server which all works fine and is good for doing basic investigation and disk nuking

However I'd like to partially replicate our PXE environment using a USB stick, ideally what I'd like to do is have the USB stick FAT / FAT32 formatted and load the JeOS image from there for machines that don't have network cards.

So I'd like to have something like this (all relative to the USB stick root)

/modules -- additional syslinux modules vesamenu.c32, memdisk etc....
/suse/13.1 -- kernel and initrd files for network installs of suse (both 32 & 64 bit)
/jeos/ -- kernel, initrd and root filesystem of jeos, if possible I'd like the root in a single file
/bartpe/ -- bartpe iso

So far I have got the network install booting from the suse/13.1 folder, and BartPE booting, but cannot work out how to build and seup a JeOS image that will be able to boot from the USB stick. I'd like to try and avoid having a separate linux partition if possible.

Can this be done ?