Couple of months have passed since I tried to remove it from 13.1 install and failed.
Lack of alternatives have forced me to fdisk and look for proper sysvinit replacement elsewhere.
This is what I've found so far: busybox, openrc and upstart.

So I am now struggling to find a reason why openSUSE has enforced systemd and ignored everything else.
Especially because systemd comes from Red Hat who publicly stated they've no intention of supporting competitor products.
Is SUSE product, the downstream of openSUSE project, not a competitor of RHEL anymore?
Anyway, I don't care about these corporate decisions as long as they don't affect me, as openSUSE user.
However, I was previously told that, if I don't like systemd, I should gtfo to another distro.

To put things into perspective, other distros have provided a choice, but openSUSE did not.
Debian has voted systemd as default, but still supports alternative init system regardless.
Arch forum thread on openrc+eudev implementation has 60k views.
Slackware has unofficial systemd build working, but it's not anywhere near default.
Gentoo has always been about choice, needless to say, this is still the case.

In conclusion, I'm not really sure what to expect from this project anymore.
Maybe one of these days, GNOME will become the one and only openSUSE DE deprecating everything else.
Perhaps distros will become services in the future, enabling a "core" system to start/stop systemd-openSUSEd on demand.

Jokes aside, tinycore busybox boots my system in less than 4 seconds. Does this mean systemd is now deprecated?
If I decide it's deprecated, does it mean it's deprecated for everyone else automatically?