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Thread: KDE 4.13.1 Dolphin Information Panel, No Meta Data

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    Quote Originally Posted by tannington View Post
    It appears --- anything it can extract; depending upon file type.
    And... ( bug ) it likes drawing your attention to it.
    Yes, it still shows indexed data. And the indexed data doesn't get removed automatically when you disable it.
    But it shouldn't index anything new. But as I said, I haven't tested it yet.

    And yes, I noticed the duplication (triplication, whatever) of metadata as well in 4.13.0. At the moment (on 4.13.1) this is not the case, but most of my files are not even indexed yet as mentioned.

    rm -rf ~/.local/share/baloo/*
    chmod 1000 ~/.local/share/baloo

    and it's not bothered me since...
    Of course.
    Still it would be a bug (that must be fixed) if it would index although it's disabled, I'd say.

    And uninstalling baloo-file should disable this as well, as this package contains baloo_file_extractor.

    Just don't give an ext4 formatted memory card / usb stick to your mate... As I said, user beware.
    Or disable extended file attributes in the filesystem's settings.
    Most (all?) USB sticks are FAT-formatted anyway.
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