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While KDE3 didn't have tagging and rating, its metadata facility was waaay better that anything available now.
If you like KDE3 better than KDE4, then use KDE3. It is still included in openSUSE.

If you miss a feature/have suggestions for improvements in KDE4 then report that upstream at KDE.

Although KDE4 is unlikely to get any new features any more, especially regarding matadata handling. Kdelibs4 and the workspace are feature frozen for a while already, and most applications are on the verge of being ported to KF5 now. Most new development happens there.

KDE 4.14 is the last KDE4 release anyway (except for bug fixes). Although there will be another one in December, this will be a mixed KDE4/KF5 release, i.e. it will contain KDE4's desktop but selected apps will already be KF5. Which ones have yet to be decided though, depending on whether they already have a stable KF5 release then or not.