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While searching around, I stumbled across 'samsung-tools'


I wonder if this utility may be needed to properly control your bluetooth device?

I didn't find an openSUSE 13.1-specific package, but perhaps this 12.3 package may work for you. Worth a shot IMHO


If you can properly enable your hardware, it will be reported in the 'lsusb' output.
I installed samsung-tools, its an handy tool, In GUI it displayed samsung is enabled,
By this samsung-tool i could enable and disable my webcamm too.
But lsusb output remains the same

As earlier i could unblock and block with rfkill this is same as the rfkill command like version, Now i understand this is pure hardware interface problem,

suresh@linux-fqgm:~> bluetoothctl 
[bluetooth]# show 
No default controller available

I should add a tab No default controller available for bluetooth device,