My time for a new pc is coming, it'll either be a Dell Precision T3610 (4-core Xeon, NVidia K4000) if I choose to focus the hardware power on 3d like Blender or a Dell Alienware Aurora (P i7 extreme, NVidia GTX 690) if I choose to focus more on 2d with Krita, Gimp and MyPaint. I can do either with either of the PC but one works better for one thing than the other.

For both of these PC I can choose either Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8. It'll come pre-installed and I'll ask for an installation DVD, it'll also come with 2 hdd, on one, the Windows OS will be installed, the other is the where Suse will be installed.

I read trough another thread about a new PC but the difference is that this person is ordering a PC with no OS pre-installed and from another manufacturer.

So, I like to know if I may find any trouble installing Suse on the secondary HDD (so the Windows Hdd is not touched) and of course, if any had any experience with the proprietary driver for either the NVidia k4000 or the GTX-690 (4GB) due to my bad experience with the ATI Radeon 4670.

I was planning to make the root, swap and home partitions on the secondary hdd from windows, leave it un-formatted so the Suse installation does that, as I usually do when I have installed my current Dell , first with WW2k and Suse 10.2, later WXP with current Suse.

Anything to be aware of would be very appreciated.