Hi all,

I am working on a project to replace Windows with OpenSUSE at our fulfillment center, since everything is done through a terminal server connection. I have successfully integrated with AD and configured my remote desktop client to connect to the terminal server, but the biggest hurdle is going to be printing. The way printing happens right now is the label printer is connected to the local computer via USB. When the users connect to the terminal server the printers are mapped to COM1, which is where our fulfillment software sends print jobs. In order for this to work without changing a LOT of other configuration settings, I need to be able to map my local USB printer to COM1 for the terminal session. To me this seems like a Samba configuration, but I have little practical experience with Samba. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here is the batch file that maps the printers. It is run on the terminal server when the user logs in:

net use lpt2 /delete
net use lpt2 \\%clientname%\ups2844

net use com2 /delete
net use com2 \\tsclient\com1