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Thread: Boot loader error

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    I have a Acer laptop and I want to install Opensuse 13.1 , I downloaded the DVD version but I get an error at 93% of the installation process it looks something like tihs:

    An error occurred during initrd

    Kernel Image : /boot/vmlinuz-3.11.6-4-desktop
    initrd image : /boot/inited-3,11,6-4-desktop
    KMS drivers: radeon radeon
    Root device: /dev/disk/bv-id/ata-WDC WD5000LPVX...

    I'm still able to change something at the grub boot loader part I have a Acer Aspire V5-552G with SecureBoot. The grub setting are much the default ones except the boot timeout i change it from 8 to 2 second that is all....

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielmihaistoian View Post
    An error occurred during initrd
    Could that have been "mkinitrd"?

    It's a bit hard to guess what went wrong with so little information. And yes, I recognize that it can be hard to gather information about a failed install.

    As a total guess, is it possible that you ran out of disk space?

    What partitioning did you use? Was there a separate "/boot"? If so, how big was it?

    Was this a clean install or an upgrade from a prior version.

    Maybe you can boot the install DVD into rescue mode, run
    fdisk -l
    post the results (you could perhaps save them to a USB for later posting). And then tell us which of the partitions you were using for your install.
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    Default Re: Boot loader error

    My guess is a video problem but also it is unclear which grub you are installing and yo did not say what video the machine has we know it is some kind of ATI chip. Since you say you have secure boot that means you have a EFI BIOS So you need to install grub2-efi and be sure that the secure boot box is checked.

    Try adding nomodeset to the boot line. At the boot screen press e go to the line starting with linux and go to the true end, best to just press end key, add a space and nomodeset. press F10 to continue with boot and installation.

    IMO it is best to leave thing generally alone at install since they can be changed later and there is no reason to add possible complication. Though changing the timeout seems OK you never know.

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