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Thread: Do you actually need a Semantic Desktop?

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    I had as many others had problems with Nepomuk and Baloo. Takes to much CPU indexing. Well I could live with that. The moore larger problem for me is that my main storage is on my server in the basement. If I have understand it rigth it doesent help me on remote storages.

    Oh yes I know it would take mutch moore time to index, -I use to re-index all my photos trow Digikam when ever I re-install my laptop. Even if I have Gigabit over the Lan it takes a lot of time.

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    I say its a nice concept but needs far better testing and smoothing out before it becomes something viable.

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    Interesting thread! As far as I can see, the *only* reason it's on my system (I use lxde) is that like many here I use K3b, which is 'nepomuk dependent'. If I find a way to keep K3b while removing nepomuk, boom....there it goes!
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    I've been without a Semantic Desktop for almost 2 decades, and never did it occur to me that something like that is a "must have". I keep my data (files, emails, multimedia) very organized as I go along, so only very seldom have I found a need for a tool that aids in finding something. Most of the time when I do need searching help for a file, it is a hidden configuration file.

    I am a devout user of KDE, and I admittedly have Nepomuk running, for no particular reason. When I used the "Find" feature in Dolphin, most of the time it has been an abysmal failure because (AKIK) it does not find hidden files, and I tended to search for items that were added too recently to have made it into Nepomuk's index by the time I initiated the search.

    I can see the utility of adding metadata to my files, yet I have not really felt compelled to add any tags to my data, probably because I've successfully lived without tagged data for the majority of my computing life. Maybe if I got serious about tagging my data, I could become a fan of the Semantic Desktop concept.

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    Haven't seen any fully semantic web page 'till now, so Semantic Desktop wouldn't see too.
    As for me that's a stupid idea.
    Of course EU spent a huge amount of money to support Nepomuk development, but do we have any noticeable result ? No.

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    I've been using this for the past few weeks and here's an update:
    There's been no sudden surges of CPU cycles.
    While I usually can find most of my files using the Filter Bar on Dolphin there are some limits on what that can do.
    If I want to find a specific file inside a folder but can't remember which folder its in the Semantic Desktop helps with that. This has come in handy a few times now.

    Now back when we had Beagle this wasn’t so back when it was strigi this wasn't so.
    So far however with baloo & Milou it has been convenient & efficient. I still count myself as a possible.
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    being old school my file lookup needs are met by using the findutils-locate package, and the kde4 kio-locate add-on, very simple and effective. This doesn't index the content so people requiring that are better off with nepomukky.

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