Hi all, I am trying to put together a video project, and I set up my
video in KDENLIVE, with transitions between many many video clips,
mostly the "dissolve" transition. Not one of the transitions is rendered
in the video correctly.

Also I put subtitles in the 2nd video line, with the hope that they
would show up in the video as it goes by, but none of them show up.

The transitions and subtitles do not show up in the preview window when
I test run it or in the rendered video after I render it.

Other than that it renders the video fine. Any ideas - do I need to
"enable" the transitions to make them show up? Or do I need to enable
the 2nd video line, or "bring to front" or something in order to make
the title words show up in front of the video?

I am running kdenlive 0.9.6 from packman in opensuse 13.1. I was running
the version out of the OSS repo, but when this problem happened I
switched to the packman version to see if it would change it. It didn't
change anything and the video still runs just like I said, without the
transitions or subtitles.

Please help!

Box #1: 13.1 | KDE 4.12 | AMD Phenom IIX4 | 64 | 16GB
Box #2: 13.1 | KDE 4.12 | AMD Athlon X3 | 64 | 4GB
Laptop: 13.1 | KDE 4.12 | Core i7-2620M | 64 | 8GB