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Thread: connect at IpSec VPN IKEv1

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    Default connect at IpSec VPN IKEv1

    hi, I try to connect at my vpn IpSec IKEV1 and I installed strongswan-vpn library and plugin for network manager.
    When I create a client connection from network manager I cannot choose PSK authentication but only certificate and I cannot configure my groups name and user/pws of my vpn.
    can you help me? maybe I miss any library?

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    Default Re: connect at IpSec VPN IKEv1

    Been a long time since I've personally configured an L2TP,
    But IIRC certs are a fundamental requirement, I don't remember that you can provide authentication using username/password.
    You should verify what you're trying to do is possible.


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