I have a puzzling problem using the Neo keyboard layout (an ergonomic keyboard layout for German).

When I switch on the Neo layout like so –

setxkbmap de neo
– I stop being able to use desktop environment shortcuts like alt+f2, alt+f4, the super key, etc.

Switching back to the regular “de” keyboard layout makes the symptoms disappear.

This happens for me under openSUSE 13.1, with both KDE and Gnome, and without running any input method. Interestingly, I can enter Gnome’s keyboard shortcuts dialogue and edit the shortcuts – the keys are recognised correctly by the dialogue, but the shortcuts still don’t work afterwards.

edit: I should add that shortcuts pertaining to applications – such as alt+letter for opening a menu or ctrl+t for opening a tab in firefox – do work. Only desktop environment shortcuts seem to be affected.

I tried searching for the problem, but didn’t find anything that seemed to match. Can anybody point me in the right direction?