Hello every one ,
am a new user for openSUSE , as my job is a SAP Tech Consultant , I want to ask if there is any possiability to make SAP B1 run under openSUSE , and if it would work , then can also it work as a server side +client side.
I allready googled this , and all what i found was about SUSE not openSuse,
a weird thing is happening here , after i finished the installation of openSUSE from a usb , and it go just fine and smoothly to be hounest , I started to run the updates , and install SW's , and supprisly neither updates and installation of SW work unless I connect the USB flash that i used to install openSUSE , weird , right ?
and my last qustion is :
any possiability that openSUSE have something like the ubuntu software center to navigate through diffrent application , download them , and intall without going to websites via a browser to do it ,.....
Thank you for any help you can provide , :)