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Thread: Change installation system theme

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    Question Change installation system theme

    Appreciated forum participant,

    I have already prepared a PXE server for network installations using autoyast.

    First, the computer downloads two files from installation server, .initrd and .krnl (default from openSUSE installation DVD), to be able to load a minimum system installation (with GUI), which loads into memory, and then prepares the computer to perform the installation specified in autoinst.xml file which is also downloaded from the server that hosts the network repository.

    What I would like to do now it would be a little customization in the installation system, changing this minimal system theme.

    Someone could help me? In my view something would be changed within the files .initrd and/or .krnl but do not know how ...

    Thank you very much.
    Kind Regards,

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    Default Re: Change installation system theme

    Maybe I haven't explained my issue properly, therefor I've just attach an installation image to show you what I want to change. Maybe left black menu to green, loading bar to blue or whatever...
    I suppose this is an openSUSE or Yast theme embebbed into initrd file (maybe I'm wrong) and I want to know how to change it.

    Thank you,

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