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Thread: OpenSUSE 13.1 Constantly freezes since update:

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    Default OpenSUSE 13.1 Constantly freezes since update:

    Clean install OpenSUSE 13. 1. Initially, had problems getting wireless working, but eventually everything worked out. Likewise, Freezing, after initial install stopped. Since the last (minor) update about a week ago, 2 major problems. No matter what I do, wireless constantly dropping, Message WLAN Interface not connected/Unavaible. Checked with "rfkill" sometimes it's blocked, sometimes not, and from Network Management "Wireless hardware disabled" I checked and Wireless switch is on. <PRO/Wireless 3945ABG>

    All I can say about the freezing is that it's constant. It can happen within 5 mins of booting up or an hour or two later. No warning.

    Would really appreciate any help in sorting this out


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    Default Re: OpenSUSE 13.1 Constantly freezes since update:

    I've finally found the source of all my problems. I installed all updates as they came along, sometimes though I did wait a day or two. Until 2 days ago, I had constant freezing and wireless problems. For most of the year I've been using wired connection as I was p...ed of with the constant dropping of wireless. I got rid of the Oxygen and am now using "GTK 2 Adwaita"

    For the past two days I have had zero freezing and perfect wireless connection, not once has it dropped. The problem was I was using 'oxygen-gtk' from KDE which I discovered by chance on 'eclipse bugs'. So a big 'thank you' to Alexander Kurtakov and Jörg Dipple
    solving the mystery for me


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