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Thread: Which Cyper is used by default?

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    Default Which Cyper is used by default?

    Hi there,

    i was just wondering which cypher is used, when i chose to encrypt the hard drive with the opensuse installer?



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    Default Re: Which Cyper is used by default?

    More information about what you are trying to do and with which distro would be helpful.
    When I did a full disk encryption I was able to pick a few options offered by cryptsetup that impacted on the cyper used. I am using aes with a 512 bit key.

    Also, please note that the US keyboard is used by default at boot-up and some special characters that you might normally have available might not be recognized we you try to enter your passphrase.

    Here is a link to the Q&A which should answer many of your questions:

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    Default Re: Which Cyper is used by default?

    The default (and only one) cypher is AES, the least secure of the most common cyphers.
    I'm surprised the developers don't include Serpent/Twofish and they don't gives choices like IV Algorithm or even a simple Key Length.
    openSUSE 13.1

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