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Thread: Udev issue on BL460c G6 server

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    Default Udev issue on BL460c G6 server

    Am trying to install SLES11 SP2/3 on the Blade 460c G6 server through network, it's starts the booting process and hangs at the "Starting udev..."
    I tried to disable the ACPI as some forums says it works but i couldn't found the ACPI our BIOS. Anybody have any suggestion or faced this kind of issues please posts your thoughts.


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    Default Re: Udev issue on BL460c G6 server


    The SLES support forums are actually at:

    However I do a fair bit of work with HP servers so they're familiar to me - make sure you have the latest firmware installed for 460/G6 ( )

    When booting SLES you can simply type: acpi=off into the Grub (loading screen)

    or press F5 and choose no ACPI

    Like in my image.
    .: miuku @ #opensuse @

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    Default Re: Udev issue on BL460c G6 server

    Hello Miuku,
    Thanks for your update, i updated the latest firmware and tried installing with acpi=off option it did not worked for me. Any suggestions..

    Current Firmware: 2.23 11/05/2013
    APPEND initrd=SLES11/sles11-sp3-x86_64/loader/initrd acpi=off pci=bfsort textmode=1 splash=0 ramdisksize=655336 install= autoyast=


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