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Thread: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

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    Talking My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    Recently I got my father a brand new HP Pavilion Notebook PC that came with an AMD A6 processor, 4 gigs of ram and pre loaded with Windows 8.1
    To help him transition I gave him a dual boot with Ubuntu 13.10 (sadly this new computer uses UEFI software and while openSUSE says it supports UEFI with 13.1 I did not have any luck making it work)
    My father has used Ubuntu before, both pre and post Unity but has not ran actual Ubuntu in about two years now as his old machine did not play well with Unity.
    In any case he as spent a week getting re acclimated to Ubuntu and today I finally gave him the grand tour of Windows 8.1 for the first time.
    I spent an hour with him on Windows before he decided to go back to Ubuntu.
    He flat out said he rather use Ubuntu then Windows, he doesnt like it at all and was thrown off by the huge disconnect between the ModernUI and the desktop and how it soured his experience.
    I said in time he could learn Windows 8.1 but he flat out said it did not appeal to him.
    And this is coming from the same person who years used windows XP, he did not use Vista or 7.
    His introduction to linux is fairly recent all things considered, he first used Ubuntu on a more regular basis in 2010.
    Before that he used an older version of openSUSE (I think it was 11.1) but only booted into it sparingly as at the time it did not work too well with his on board wireless card, after I got him using linux Mint as due to it having wireless drivers preinstalled it worked better and after periodic boots into XP he started using Ubuntu after I guided him into it (I wanted him to progress with the OS learning the OS before jumping in as he had troubles with XP when he first started)
    He used Ubuntu for about 2 years then I had to give him Xubuntu due to his hardware.
    Since then he has been hopping with me trying new distros out.
    But now I many not take him off Ubuntu as he seems to enjoy it now that it actually works very well on his new machine.
    In any case I think I finally fully converted my father to linux, sure he did use it as his main OS on his old laptop but due to its age he had issues with almost anything I threw at him.
    Took him about 10 years or so but here we are

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    Well done. Been trying to persuade my brother for over ten years with no success and various other people with little success. However, I just persuaded a 70+ XP user to move to Xfce. (He had only been using XP for a few years; so he wasn't conditioned with too many bad habits!)

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    john hudson wrote:

    Been trying to persuade my brother

    Yeah . No one except me likes Linux in my household.

    GNOME 3.10.2
    openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64) 64-bit
    Kernel Linux 3.11.6-4-desktop

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    Yup. You have to get them young, in computing terms.

    Here my wife doesn't even know what windows is, and my daughter simply abhors W8. An she does on her own, without any badmouthing by me - not that W8 need it.
    Even our maid uses openSUSE in her desktop (which I assembled/configured for her). She also can dualboot XP if/when her daughters/nephews break openSUSE, but much prefers oS.

    My 70+ years old mother, on the other hand, won't use anything other than XP/firefox/word97/outlook express (no internet banking or credit card purchases on this box, however). At least she's not into IE.

    Bottom line, it's all about what you're used to.

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    I found in my case that I have to pitch linux as a side OS and not as a primary.
    When people do stuff like gaming and play blu ray Linux wont do the job, but dual boots at the very least should be encouraged if not enforced.
    For mny fathrs old computer though yeah I have no option to do full linux as it boots XP and is not compatible with Vista and might be too old for 7.

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    Way to go Madman!

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    Yeah out of all the people in my family my father was hardest to crack and embrace linux, my mom loves linux (she is running openSUSE 13.1 KDE 64bit) and my sister likes linux (though is still using windows a little more due to gaming, but she does use Linux on her old laptop)

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    let me just state good for you and your father.
    but what is the point of this post?
    To promote Ubuntu?
    To slander Windows 8 ?


    it always funny to read/speak with people who are PRO-something but you need to have some point in your words.
    like it or not Linux for the most part is not ready for a prime time.
    I am saying this not to start a war, but as my personal observation on this matter.
    why you ask? well... let see....

    Here some personal history,
    I am a long time windows user, started with win 3.11 and using win 7 now for almost everything.
    my wife use windows XP for work and 7 for home
    my 78 yo Father in-law uses win XP/7 for work (yest still working), XP for home the Pc is old and can not handle W7 can barely handle XP.

    my 65yo mother in-law uses win 8.1 laptop for home use choose it her self and loves it

    so a windows shop all around right? WRONG!

    I am building a home VM /File server on OpenSuse 13.1 and have just rebuild my 6yo laptop from XP to OpenSuse 13.1 and let me tell you the experience is both intriguing and infuriating at the same time.
    this is my first endeavor with Linux in 15 years.

    and my observations are that Linux as a desktop OS come a long way since then. really long way
    but there are things that still hold its progress back.

    I am not surprise of your father liking Ubuntu , on a new powerful hardware it very nice and furthermore Ubuntu it user experience centric to the gills, BUT what your father does with it ?

    for many people especially in US Linux is not an option, my father in-law is a perfect example.
    he MUST have windows for compatibility as most of the apps he uses are windows and do not work in Linux.
    and I can not help him with it. I tried to setup some of them on Ubuntu and OpenSuse for fun and it was a disaster. what even more he does not even want to learn new stuff. he just want his things to work that's all.

    windows 8 is not difficult, and it is even simple to setup to start with desktop upfront , as such it is just as win7 for most of the users with just few changes on how you run programs. and I am not sure why people are so adamant to slander it this much. but that is not important at the moment.

    as I was saying I just rebuild my older laptop with OpenSuse 13.1
    took me 2 attempts.

    #1. the liveCD was a disaster. the video was not working using LiveCd session nor full install.
    the laptop have nVidia graphics and would run properly.
    #2. no wireless at all
    #3. sound was a no go from the get go .

    I manged to find and install nVidia drivers that made the screen work, it took me 2 hours to find and installit.
    I also managed to hunt the wireless driver that worked with it as well again almost an hour.

    the laptop was slow like molasses.
    the laptop is HP Pavilion dv6000
    CPU 1.7 GHz AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TK-53
    RAM 4GB

    should be more than enough for Linux distro.
    win XP 64 bit run on it just fine, not the speed breaker but well enough.
    but Opensuse 13.1 full KDE was unusable.

    I dump the install and reinstall from full DVD using LXDE setup.
    it worked much better.
    the screen was readable and responsive compaired to LiveCD install where I had to use keyboard most of the time to navigate and run things as screen was warped and unreadable
    since I have already found the drives for video it was easier to find them again and install it.
    so is the wireless driver, easier but still took some efforts to do so.
    and after all that the laptop is still very very slow.

    the whole idea behind putting Linux on it was that it should be faster and since my goal is to use it for websurfing
    mostly that was main attraction behind it. but it is not faster and now it is not compatible with most of the things out there that are designed for windows. so what are the benefits?

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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    Quote Originally Posted by vl1969 View Post
    the laptop is HP Pavilion dv6000
    CPU 1.7 GHz AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TK-53
    RAM 4GB
    That's what I dressed up with openSUSE 13.1 ~2 weeks ago. The wireless a Broadcom IIRC, I knew how to deal with it. Again IIRC nouveau was only fine with "nomodeset". I know the machine is heavily used and the customer is of the "complaining" type, but I haven't heard. Even the desktop effects in KDE worked.
    But .... it already had the original, horribly slow HDD replaced by a SSD....
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    Default Re: My father rather use Linux then windows 8.1

    yes that would be my next project.
    get an SSD and move the install to it.
    I just want to try it first to make sure I can get the system going with wireless and sound.
    what really surprising to me is that "free" command tells me that half of my RAM is used just onload. and
    that is with LXDE setup. isn't this supposed to be a light weight config?

    PS>> my wireless was 4311 and I had to install broadcom_wl package

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