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Thread: Ksnapshot upload error !

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    Question Ksnapshot upload error !

    Hello there !

    I got a few problems with Ksnapshot ! I cant share any images on social networks .

    So If I press prt screen > Send to > Facebook Firefox shows up with this page:

    Yes I just did the opposit of the security warning but I believe that the url isnt the good one (since its always the same).

    Alright, so after that, I still past the url in the place where it should be pasted annd I get an error message from Ksnapshot "Facebook Call Failed: Canceled by user" . I presume that must happen since the pasted url isnt valid (?).When I hit ok at that error message there is another window that pops -image below-

    After hitting "start upload" I get the following warning :

    And finally I get this

    I saw that uploading images on other social networks didnt work either because of that api host -not found.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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    Default Re: Ksnapshot upload error !

    dat support ! Nobody gives a **** ?

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    Default Re: Ksnapshot upload error !

    Quote Originally Posted by Noxo09 View Post
    dat support ! Nobody gives a **** ?
    Have you filed a bug report?

    I can't even try this as I don't have a facebook account.

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