I know this might be a 'little thing' to some, but This is Bugging me Huge:

*'New' observations since I originally posted at KDE, where as usual, No one has even viewed the post.
* KDE > Konqueror AS Root > Navigate to ~/MyDocs/Inet Publishing/ (directory with websites in it), Konqueror displays the *.php files with the default 'PHP' mimetype icon ( screencap ) and open them with Kate and Not with kwrite as it would if the document was an HTML file.
* Also, Dolphine (wich I dislike), as User (not root) shows the correct mimetype icon and associated app (kate) for php

I'm hopping that my luck with openSuSE holds true with this problem.

Here is the long winded version of my 'problem'
For no reason I can find, Konqueror is displaying my *.php files using mimetype HTML.
Until today, I had it set up in File Associations, if I click on a PHP file, Kate would open and the 'icon' would be my PHP mimetype and HTML files would not only have an HTML mimetype icon, but would open in KWrite.

Image of dir using HTML for PHP
Image of dir using proper PHP mimetype icon
*note: i created the icons in gimp, but am certain they have nothing to do with this issue. again, this is an 'new issue' for me and i've been using these icons for a very long time.

Al of the sudden, but after Kate locked up and would not 'die' after many attempts to 'Kill' it. (locked while I was in Settings > Configure Kate). I was forced to power down the computer and cold start.

To make a weird thing weirder is that it is Not All Directories. Some sub-directories of the same project display some PHP files using the mimetype icon = php and open in Kate and Some are displaying php files with mimetype icon HTML and opening in KWrite.
All the files with .php extensions Are php, at a minimum contain at least one php include statement. Both the files display HTML or PHP icons.

I've noticed this little issue, when I started creating .mediawiki documents. it seemed Konqueror would interpret them as '.C' code files or 'normal' and Not mediawiki mimetypes. To 'fool' konqueror or really 'the system' I would put at the top of the document, '< ! DocType mediawiki > (NO spaces, obviously)... So, what I'm saying is that it seems 'the system' or konqueror is actually Reading the contents of the file instead of the file Extension...
What do you think?

Any Ideas Please?

-- edit --
one more thing. on my web servers, all the mimetypes seem to be right, but i also have x-app set in file associations that might be different from the 'text' setting.