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Thread: Running 3 X Servers Listening on UNIX and TCP sockets + nvidia-settings command

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    Default Running 3 X Servers Listening on UNIX and TCP sockets + nvidia-settings command

    My Goal:
    To start 3 X servers corresponding to 3 monitors: 1st X is for local seat (1 monitor, keyboard, mouse), 2nd & 3rd X servers listening on TCP sockets/connections and they don't need to attach to local mouse and keyboard.
    1. This is similar to multiseat set up but not quite in that 2nd & 3rd monitors are listening on TCP sockets, not UNIX domain sockets

    How does nvidia-settings (command that generates xorg.conf) relate to KDE startup? In other words, KDE display manager starts up X server (correct me if wrong) and which KDE config file contains the command line that starts X? In more details, nvidia-settings will modify that KDE config file so that 3 Xorg servers start up upon boot

    Question - Alternative:
    Inferior to main question above but I can live with it. Here nvidia-settings is taken out of the picture. How would I configure KDE so that it starts up 3 X servers described in Goal section above? This is more of getting assurance from you experts
    2. In the url, the guy explains exactly just that but it is a bit outdated back in 2011
    3. I have OpenSuSE 12.3 and I just want to know if his config will work for me. Please comment with additional advice

    - OpenSuSE 12.3
    - EVGA GeForce GTX 660, has 4 independent monitor outputs, nVidia GPU
    - I CANNOT use Open Source nv or nouveau drivers; I have to use nVidia proprietary driver for Linux, already obtained from and currently using it
    - I do have close-to-what-I-want setup running. nvidia-settings generates xorg.conf that is running 3 X servers but 2nd & 3rd servers not listening on TCP
    - Please take a look at the last post by colinh here: This is close to what I want except that he is running LightDM instead of KDE
    - Another multi-seat setup,

    I spent about 2 days looking for that KDE config file where nvidia-settings went and edited (or created) the settings. My eyes red and my mind pissed off, wishing nvidia to go to hell.

    Much appreciated!
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    Default Re: Running 3 X Servers Listening on UNIX and TCP sockets + nvidia-settings command

    You want to set up remote access right?

    This has nothing to do with video drivers or even type of desktop. So I'm a it confused. How are you connecting SSL?

    VNC is often used but is not the only way

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    Default Re: Running 3 X Servers Listening on UNIX and TCP sockets + nvidia-settings command

    No, I wasn't setting up remote access. I want to set up something close to multi-seat except only the 1st monitor has keyboard and mouse attached, aka 1st seat.

    Ok, I ended up solving the problem (but my final goal isn't, not yet). In case somebody looking, here are the answers/corrections for my questions (I used OpenSuSE 12.3):

    1. You can't make X server listen on arbitrary port. But you can make it listened on its builtin port 6000 + n, where n is display number. When you spawn X server, it will listen on UNIX socket. What you can do is you can write a program that listen on the port you desire and have your program connected to running X through UNIX socket (and pass the data). To make it listen with KDM, look at /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager and a parameter DISPLAYMANAGER_XSERVER_TCP_PORT_6000_OPEN or take out '-nolisten tcp' on X command line.

    2. nvidia-settings does not relate to KDM directly. All it does is to generate 2 files: xorg.conf and ~/.nvidia-settings-rc. It is the xorg.conf that KDM read. Note I said KDM, not KDE. The former is display manager, the latter is the superset, the environment

    2.5 nvidia-settings separate X means separate X screen, not separate X server. There is a huge difference. It can only configure separate X screens

    3. Here is KDM startup path in general, omitting detail programs:
    system determine run level => if runlevel 5, starts multi-user X login => /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager specifies KDM =>
    KDM reads its master config /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc => KDM also reads XDM (X Display Manager, trivial DM provided from config files (Xsetup, Xsession, Xstartup, Xreset) and absorb them => somewhere along here .xinitrc and xinitrc-common are read =>
    finally, it executes /usr/bin/startkde => startkde (note it is 'e', not 'm') run more programs (you can google what it runs or read that script)

    4. The links I specified in my 1st post are pretty good. I got those links from other forum members like oldcpu, etc. Thank you!

    5. To visualize the difference between separate X screen and separate X server, see

    Good luck!

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