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Thread: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

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    Default Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

    Hi everyone,

    I am using openSUSE 12.3 (x86_64) in my laptop and my Firefox is the latest v27.0 from the repository (through YaST). I am currently getting a Secure Connection Failed problem (Error code: sec_error_no_token) when I try to do a google search or access gmail.


    I initially suspect it is only for google services but found the same problem for other https sites (not all though). Http sites are ok. I think it has something to do with https. I tried the following:

    1.) Remove and reinstall firefox; reboot
    2.) Reinstall firefox and delete .firefox from /home folder
    3.) Used the following browsers for isolation: Chrome, Chromium, Opera -> all are ok on google and https sites
    4.) Reset my firefox via Help > Troubleshooting Information
    5.) Safe mode via Help > Restart with Add-ons disabled.
    6.) Change the Network Proxy Settings of the browser (No proxy, auto, manual) -> changing it doesn't help
    7.) Enable/Disable OCSP from Certificates > Validation
    8.) Delete all history, cache etc and reboot
    9.) Also check if ssl is open and found ok
    10.) Disable firewall

    Nothing works. I tried searching for sec_error_no_token but cannot find a definite solution. I really do not know what else to check. Hope someone can help me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

    (Sorry for double posting... I cannot find the Edit button)

    Hi everyone, it looks that the problem got fixed. I don't know how though. I was trying a lot of things and cannot pinpoint what triggered the fix.

    - Certificates change to Select one automatically
    - Play around with Validation > Use OCSP
    - Delete from Certificate > Servers - didn't work so I imported it back
    - Deleted the cert8.db from profile, restart firefox
    - Try safe mode again

    Hope this helps anyone who might be experiencing the same issue. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. This could be helpful if the error occur in future.

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    Default Re: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

    Exactly the same problem, by remove the .mozilla folder will let things working, but some kind of later, same happens.

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    Default Re: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

    I found and tested this fix, it works.

    Edit: look for erickidc's post

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    Default Re: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)

    I had the same problem. My solution was to download the latest Firefox archive from, extract it and copy the content of the folder "firefox" to /usr/lib/firefox/ Of course, you need root access

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    Default Re: Firefox v27.0 Secure Connection Failed (sec_error_no_token)


    this is an old thread. However, since I had the same issue recently, and found another solution, I though I will share it for the community.

    Following these steps:

    I did the following:

    1. Opened about:config
    2. Set security.tls.insecure_fallback_hosts = ( is the domain you have issues with.)
    3. I changed - just in case - security.tls.version.fallback-limit from 3 to 1
    4. Finally I changed security.tls.runrestricted_rc4_fallback from false to true
    5. I did have to restart Firefox (simply reloading the page as said in the original post did not work.)
    6. That's it

    I am not sure which or if all of point 2 - 4 fixed the issue. I am fairly sure, simply adding a fallback host did solve it, but I am not sure. Since there have been several pages with this issue, I have to check if they are solved too. IF NOT, I will have to see if I can add additional hosts to the file and if that fixed it. Either way, this way it will be a definitive answer, which part solved the puzzle.



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