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    Quote Originally Posted by mike7757 View Post
    I tried terminal with su and still have nothing. As far as I know everything that is needed has been installed. What else can it be.
    As you user, not root.... the binary is in /usr/bin and it's a softlink to the binary in opt, I would guess your missing the 32 bit versions of the various libraries, so as your user run;
    ldd /usr/bin/teamviewer
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    I had this issue with an older version of Teamviewer. The funny thing is it wasn't my version of libs, it was my version of default Wine. What version of Wine do you have installed?

    You do know this is not a native linux program? It uses a Wine wrapper which in turn needs Wine and some Wine libs. If you don't have wine installed , install the latest if you do have it installed update to the latest.

    Also if this is OpenSuse 13.1 and Teamviewer 9 then it should work with the latest Wine installed. No special libs or updates required.

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    Teamviewer has his own wine Version build-in.
    rpm -ql teamviewer
    Teamviewer 9 installed in a VBox works.
    But it seem, Teamviewer is a 32-Bit Programm, because it has installed libXtst6-32bit.
    And when I uninstall them, Teamviewer also get uninstalled.

    Did you verify, that your Download of Teamviewer is ok?
    ls -l teamviewer_linux.rpm
    -rw------- 1 xxxxx yyyyy 22305590 12. Feb 09:29 teamviewer_linux.rpm

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