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    I noticed a problem today with my Skype - 2-3 minutes after i star the program and log in, it stops working. I'm currently using Tumbleweed and i tried to reinstall skype, but nothing changed. Does anyone have the same problem and eventualy have a solution?

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    Try deleting or renaming ~/.skype See if that helps.
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    Also run from the command line you may get an error message to point to the reason

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    Well, the problem disappeared. The only thing I did is to run Skype from Terminal. I don't know does this really helped, but afterward, as I said, Skype just run as usual.
    Thanks for answers

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    As well, you might try to get this post moved by the admins to the Tumbleweed forum. If there is a similar problem from other users, there may be a better chance of getting this fixed.
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