Hello all,

I did a reinstallation of Suse when 13.2 was released and have had a few issues since then. I am not really sure what I have done but I now have 2 home folders. One is the original from Suse 12.2 then within that is another home folder containing my current user name. I have difficulties running fdisk without putting the /sbin/ folder in front of the command as well as many other anomalies when using super user mode in File Manager. I feel as though this is all related. I am wondering if reinstalling the software is the best way to go. I am worried as it is hosting files for business clients. I was wondering if I were to move the current user folder up one level into the old home folder. I could see that causing a host of issues as well. Just looking for guidance on how to proceed from those better versed in linux than I.

Eternally grateful to the Linux User Base