openSuse 13.1, KDE 4.11.4

I have an APC battery backup device connected to my machine via a USB cable. I have apcupsd, apcupsd-cgi and apcupsd-gui version 3.14.10-6.1.4 installed.

If I look in Kinfocenter->Device Information->USB Devices, I can see the backup unit listed correctly.
If I start gapcmon, I can see that the battery unit is recognized. However, the monitor will not work as I get a message of a NISERR - unknown@localhost. NIS network connection not responding. If I look at the monitor page, it says the network thread is busy.

I tried making a custom rule in the firewall to allow port 3551 open in the internal zone but that didn't help. As it's connected by a USB port, I didn't think it would.

I can't find any help files on this.

It did work when I was running 12.3