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Thread: Probably drivers from Nvidia burn out card and motherboard too

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    Angry Probably drivers from Nvidia burn out card and motherboard too

    Hi, not sure at 100%, but I think it is useful to see if someone other got the same problem.
    I was (now) an owner of a notebook Acer Aspire 5520 with an Nvidia GEForce 7000M. It was running fine with OpenSuSE 12.3 64 but I wanted to upgrade to 13.1 64bits. It was all fine, apart an initial problem with drivers from Nvidia, because they were not ready. But, after a while, I was able to install them via yast and the usual repository. The G02 version was chosen. On past Thursday (16th Jan) I abruptly noticed a freeze of the screen (half screen white and freezing), after a few hours. To stop the computer I had to pull out the battery. Restarting under windows or under linux after taking away the driver lead me to a working pc. But this was not good, because the nouveau drivers worked very bad with kde and I just had a wrong low resolution (not the good 1280x800 I expected). I tried to install again (me fool) Nvidia driver on yesterday (20th January), but this time I got same freeze but the pc never started again (no access even to bios), just trying to start up (light on) stopping starting again, till I had to plugged out the battery again.
    Unfortunately this time lead to a completely shutdown of the motherboard, that's now is broken.
    I cannot say more because the computer is dead and I will go out to buy another one, hoping the drivers are safe for newer boards, but I do not know. Just keeping my finger crossed.
    I cannot say for sure the problems are with the drivers, but without them my computer worked and now is smoking.

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    Default Re: Probably drivers from Nvidia burn out card and motherboard too

    I doubt it was the driver. Hardware can just die. It is it's nature. Entropy at work.

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