During openSUSE 13.1's install, I un-selected a bunch of programs I would never use (stuff like libreoffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc), and after install, such programs aren't installed. After adding repositories for Wine and fglrx and then installing them through YaST2, I noticed it also chose to install Thunderbird and kdeartwork4-wallpapers (I think also flash player). I set them to Never Install though, and both fglrx and Wine installed and work fine.

I now wanted to install VLC via their one-click installer, and in YaST2, I'm seeing (almost?) every package I uninstalled being selected for install under Installation Summary. Why? I'm 99% certain none of those things I un-selected during install would be a dependency for VLC, Wine, or fglrx, and I figured since I un-selected them during install, that meant I didn't want them.

I'm using KDE with openSUSE 13.1 x86_64 if it helps.