Since amd droped support for hd 234xxx cards installing amd drivers is getting more and more bigger issue.
I have searched long time for repo to downgrade xorg and install fglrx on suse.
All other distros had workable solutions (arch/manjaro/mint/chakra).
When i google "opensuse 12.3/13.1 fglrx legacy" all i saw was people asking for directions on how to procede.
The only answer i was getting was "use open source driver".
I do not finde that acceptable.
Opensource driver sucks big time for me(90% fps loss).
Even minecraft is barelly playable(with latest kernel/mesa) at ~25 everything low.

However i'm not here to complain, i instead want to help people overcome this problem.
Since i made automated script for downgrade xorg to 12.3 and patching kernel.
Note: I recommend you install this on fresh system to avoid potential problems.

Release i tested this:
-Fresh KDE 13.1 install updated to latest packages x64 - No problems

There are probably some bugs so don't use it if you don't know how to reinstall/recover!
Again use fresh install to avoid problems!
Gnome will most likely not work with this so stick to KDE/Xfce/LXDE/WM!
You can find my script here:
Or if you want do everything manualy, a guide:

About "issues" of downgrading to xorg:
I am running on downgraded since amd droped support and all distros switched to xorg 1.13.
Since then i never had any gpu/x/graphichs/software issues on KDE.
There are people misguiding other preople there will be "problems" if they downgrade xorg.
This is absolutely not, chances some app/game will not work are: 00.00001%