Hello everyone,

I am currently using openSUSE 13.1 x86 and I'm using GNOME 3.10.2 and the last few days I've had some trouble with the software update and manager applications inside GNOME. Below is the error I'm seeing when I open up the software manager:

And the software update:

Basically what happened before these errors starting popping up was I popped in a USB flash drive that I used to install opensuse on. I used the imagewriter which causes problems on the disk because it unallocates the unused portion of the memory, so on Windows it will look like a 4MB flash drive. Once I installed opensuse I used gparted to fix this partition error and reused the unallocated area. This gave errors when I tried to open up the flash drive on the files manager in opensuse. I then plugged it into my Ubuntu rig and still errors until I went into Windows and double clicked to format it. This fixed the flash drive but now I have this error message come up when I dont even have the USB flash drive plugged in opensuse. I have no clue why these messages are coming up; is there a way to disable it? I currently cannot get software updates but the software manager will work. Any clues?