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Thread: Partitioning Questions (Boot Failing)

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    I have a System76 Wild Dog Performance tower from about 2010, and I just installed a new SSD in it. The machine has a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD.

    The auto-partition is using the 1TB drive for / and /home, and the SSD as swap. I would prefer to have / and swap on the SSD, and then /home on the HDD. Every configuration I try fails to boot; booting to the HDD after install fails and reverts back to the USB installer loader.

    In the BIOS, the HDD boot priority is SSD -> HDD and the boot order overall is USB -> Optical -> Hard Drives. I have the option to enable UEFI but it's disabled.

    I've tried putting swap first on the SSD, / first on the SSD, enabling MBR, etc etc and it doesn't work. / and /home are ext4. Thoughts on how this should be configured? Thanks, I'm brand new to OpenSUSE as a convert from Ubuntu.

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    Update...I went to the option in the installer for "Check installation media" and it took me to I think linuxrc where I was able to choose to boot to sda1...and it completed the installation and booted to xfce. On reboot, it still fails...looks like something is screwy with grub?

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    Default Re: Partitioning Questions (Boot Failing)

    Are you using Custom Partitioning to set the mount points where you want them?
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    Seems to be working now...not sure what I did, just did updates while logged in and I'm good to go

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