I would like to know the trick, or tricks, to mount a "cloned" (assuming that is the right word) directory/partition as "read-only" so I can back it up and maintain the atimes and ctimes of the files & directories. I'm aware that TAR and STAR has options to preserve the access times, but they change the ctimes, and of course, ARJ has the -j#3 feature option, but it may change the ctimes too, when restoring times too. I have done this "cloning or snapshot" before from some information I got somewhere before in the past, but I could not umount the 'read-only' clone place once I was done.

So, what I want to do is clone /home/username to /media/spare/mnt as read-only and do the backups on the /media/spare/mnt directory as the cloned copy of my home directory, then be able to umount the /media/spare/mnt directory after I'm done.

The /home directory itself is on a separate partition (/dev/sda7) and I am using openSUSE 13.1 KDE.