On 12/21/2013 01:36 PM, Iconoclasmic wrote:
> Does YouTube have plans to convert all of its videos to HTML5? I
> suppose the prevalence of older browsers -- that lack HTML5 support --
> is the main obstacle.

Dont get your hopes up, the old browsers are not googles concern. In
fact one could argue, going to HTML5 would be a selling point for chrome
over say IE6. The issue for Google, as always, is ad revenue. From what
I understand they dont like how their ads work in HTML5 so they are
avoiding it until they figure out a way to have advertisements in videos
in a way they deem acceptable. This is made even more obvious when you
realize the HTML5 beta for youtube has been around for a while now and
google still has not shown they have any real plans for ditching flash
until DRM HTML5 is a thing.

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