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Thread: Hardware motherboard experience for new PC ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueDev View Post
    Your shiny new 4770 has Intel's TSX, which most other Haswells don't even have. Maybe you'll get a chance to experiment with that, see what it can do!
    I had read of that in the 4770, but I confess its above my current technical expertise wrt any experimentation.

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    Talking Re: Hardware motherboard experience for new PC ?

    using ASUS H87-pro - with i7 4771 (using on-chip graphics) (which is basically i7 4770 with a 0.1 ghz more native frequency)
    opensuse 13.1 x64 (note K series would benefit little with H87 as the various 'overclocking' features is unlikely to be available. H87 support 'turbo-boost' which is a cpu on-chip feature)

    there are a number of frustrations with an initial installation of opensuse 13.1, however after it issues are fixed, the board pretty much works well:

    the frustrations are as follows:

    1) grub-install-generated EFI boot image cannot boot linux "invalid sector size 65535".
    some clues from:
    apparently the stock open suse 13.1 DVD seemed to be distributed with an 'older' version of grub2
    the EFI loader that gives an invalid sector size error. I'm not sure if this is a board related error.

    The issue is resolved by updating grub2 from the repositories and re-doing all the grub2 install. note that i'm using an GPT-EFI boot setup, this is partly due to the use of large capacity hard drives e.g. >1 TB and dual boot with windows 7

    this bummer hits a road block getting linux to boot off HD. it has since been resolved with a grub 2 update and grub2-install done properly. GPT / EFI is still 'not as easy' with opensuse 13.1 (maybe it is more a specific issue with this board but i'm not sure). unfortunately GPT / EFI is the way to go with today's terabyte sized harddrives

    2) pwmconfig / fancontrol didn't work in the stock 3.11.6 kernel

    that needs to be fixed with an updated nct6775 driver

    or basically get/compile/install a more updated kernel with the newer nct6775 hwmon driver delivered in the upstream.

    after fixing the issues the board seemed to work pretty well with most functionality: lan, usb, gpu (video), audio etc supported within linux opensuse 13.1. linux kvm/qemu (virtualization) works pretty well but it's not sure if there is dependencies to the board

    i've probably not use all the functionality of the board / chip (cpu) but today it is working adequately well for me, and with i7 4771 it is a pretty high performance (decent enough for me ) system

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