Ok, I don't get this...

I log in and I have a popup screen with "Security/Critical" updates before me.

Unlike most former Windoze zombies who have auto-updates set and then let them install w/o looking them over, I do it manually and pick the ones I know I need and hide/ignore the rest. (At least the updates that appear are pertinent to my OS, hardware, and software).

Because I'm less familiar with Linux updates, I take a quick look and just let things update. They are typically relevant to my system configuration.

So, I was just going to "let her rip" until I saw one that caught my eye as being totally irrelevant :

" glibc: Two ARMv7 related fixes 7.9 MB
This update is important and may solve critical problems
This update fixes the following issues with glibc: "

1. yada yada...
2. yada yada...

I don't have an ARM processor in my PC ! Why am I getting this update ??

I've never known Linux to just arbitrarily install unnecessary updates... although it does sometimes install "suggested packages" if you're not careful. But that's a whole different matter.

* Could it be because I have glibc installed and it's blindly updating everything related to it?

Any insights into this?