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    how are you today?

    i installed kvm virtualization via automatic install script
    i used virt-manager to make new vm
    when i try to vm boot windows xp install cd cpu goes up 100% for vm process!!
    also tried write back cache for cd and for disk the same result

    when i try to boot an empty disk cpu goes 100% also so its not a windows problem!.

    i was using linux mint on my pc first and i installed kvm with my self and everything worked fine and very very fast more than on opensuse you can say by 200%?!

    but i won't get back to linux mint for many of reasons i like opensuse.

    i won't give xen here a try because it uses its own kernel not opensuse kernel and just install driver on it like kvm.

    i just need vm windows xp to open program called livezilla if you know it.

    winehq can't make it work.


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    Default Re: 100% cpu usage

    Need better description how you installed kvm (preferred is through YAST(various methods)) or zypper.
    Also, especially if you installed from a KVM from DVD source(and also if this is a brand new openSUSE host), you should likely update the system (apper, zypper or yast).


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