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Thread: Cinnamon Control Center Settings Missing

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    Default Cinnamon Control Center Settings Missing

    I'm trying out Cinnamon from the the Cinnamon Factory repo. Everything is pretty much working with one notable problem, there are several sections of the systems settings that are missing (I say missing because they appear on my Fedora installation). Most notably, the display and network configuration sections are not listed under the hardware section where they should be. I've installed the Cinnamon pattern which totaled 28 packages.

    Am I just missing a package, or are these components not present in the Cinnamon Factory repo? I'm having this issue on two openSUSE machines so I don't think it's just a bad config.

    Let me know if you need more info or something isn't clear. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    The above only seems to be an issue with the version of Cinnamon in the Cinnamon Factory repo. Using home:cyberorg:cinnamon, Cinnamon has the full range of system settings in the Cinnamon Control Center. I'm using this version and it seems stable smooth.

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    Default Re: Cinnamon Control Center Settings Missing

    Sorry for jumping on this thread, but I'm having the same problem and I've used both repo's on my 64-bit version openSUSE 13.1 however on my 32-bit system everything is there.

    Any ideas anyone, please.

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