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Thread: Have a cigar ?

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    Question Have a cigar ?

    Hello Community,

    I installed opensuse 13.1 and its xen base, and use virtualization successfully .I would like now to use OpenStack Havana (part of 13.1),
    meaning hypervisor xen with xen libvirt API for OpenStack.

    Where to start ? I guess understand each piece of the OpenStack puzzle ...

    Do I have to install another domU with opensuse 13.1 or I can use the dom0 to run some OpenStack functionality ?

    Thanks for any help !!

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    Default Re: Have a cigar ?

    Recommend you start with the openstack documentation for openSUSE (and SUSE).
    SDBevStack - openSUSE
    (Google for other pages as well)

    Be aware that there may be problems with the automated startup scripts that install openstack, I've had long running problems with the Quickstart script on 12.3 and 12.2, and recently someone else posted some problems running Devstack on 12.3 returning errors similar to the ones I'd been seeing running the Quickstart script.
    (I've submitted bugzilla reports but it'll take a significant effort from someone who knows more about the openstack security and identity than I do to fix the problems)

    So, I'm pretty sure if you know enough to install the individual components manually, all should work.
    But, be sure to do a full backup (especially anything relating to the Apache Webserver) before starting to install openstack.

    Who knows?
    Maybe Havana on 13.1 will be problem free, I just haven't tried it myself yet and haven't heard anyone else try yet.


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