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    I'd appreciate any feedback to help determine if this issue is a bug that needs a ticket, or just some misunderstanding on my part.

    I feel that over a period of several years, the conflict descriptions produced by YAST's "Software Management" module have gotten easier to understand. But there are still times when I don't know what YAST is trying to tell me.

    Up through 11.4 I was sometimes able to figure out what the issue was by using the "show solver information" facility on some packages shown in the possible methods for conflict resolution.

    But "show solver information" has stopped working. Instead, a message "pops-up" stating "Package libqdialogsolver is required for this feature". When I look I discover that package libqdialogsolver1 is what's actually installed. Is this a mistake in the name of the package in the dependencies, or something else?

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    There is a bug report already:

    The package I mentioned as a workaround there, is not available for 13.1 unfortunately.
    But I have built it myself, you can download it here: Install package home:wolfi323:branches:home:tgoettlicher / libqdialogsolver1
    Install this and the solver information should work.

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    Thanks wolfi323.

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