I've got OpenSUSE running on all three of my (non-ARM) devices, and on one of them. On two of them, it's been rock solid. On the third one, though... Xorg crashes and kernel panics all over the place.

At first I thought Bumblebee was to blame. So I removed Bumblebee, but to no avail. The Xorg logs show something interesting, though (not only on that specific device)...
new-host-2:/home/robin # tac /var/log/Xorg.0.log | tail -n 3
It is not supported in any way.
This is a pre-release version of the X server from The X.Org Foundation.
[    16.327]
Why is a pre-release/unsupported version of Xorg included in OpenSUSE 13.1? Not saying I know better than the developers, because I don't, but this seems like it could be a cause of problems...

tail -f /var/log/Xorg.* --> SUSE Paste
tail -f /var/log/kdm.log --> SUSE Paste
Start LibreOffice Impress --> Xorg crashes. The logs do not appear to show any useful information.

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me figure this out. I need this laptop for school, and I'd love to keep using OpenSUSE, but as it stands, that's going to be very difficult...

To clarify: The Xorg crashes happen pretty much at random, but also happen always when using LibreOffice Impress.
Kernel panics also seem to occur randomly, but less frequently so. The stack trace is also not at all useful (kworker). I'm not sure whether those still happen after having removed Bumblebee, though.


OpenSUSE 13.1 x86_64 KDE