Hello all

Hope someone in here can help me with my issue. I am trying to set up an automated installation of opensuse 13.1 but the network part in the autoyast xml file doesn't seem to work really.
Here is the code I am using for it:
        <net-udev type="list">
config.networkList.each {
if(it.mac != null && it.mac.length() > 6) {
      <dhcp_hostname config:type="boolean">false</dhcp_hostname>
      <nameservers config:type="list">
  config.network.dns.each {
      <searchlist config:type="list">
      <write_hostname config:type="boolean">false</write_hostname>
    <interfaces config:type="list">
  config.network.ip.eachWithIndex { it, i ->
    if (i == 0) {
      return; // Skip primary IP
    <ipv6 config:type="boolean">false</ipv6>
    <managed config:type="boolean">false</managed>
      <ip_forward config:type="boolean">false</ip_forward>
      <routes config:type="list"> 
It doesn't seem like the udev rule is working since it aint renaming anything but just recreating a new interface called eth0 with no NIC linked to it. This configuration is working on any of the older opensuse system.