A regular complaint often heard from new or inexperienced openSUSE users
about the Yast package manager is along the lines of the following excerpt:

"...Not sure if it is a bug but after every app installed with Yast2 I
have to open it again and type my password as it closes..."

The salvation/fix/solution is easily achieved via the '/etc/sysconfig
Editor' module in Yast2.

The following is the path to the settings for the Yast2 package manager
exit behaviour:

---> Yast2 (needs root password)--->System---->/etc/sysconfig Editor

File: /etc/sysconfig/yast2
Possible Values: close, restart, summary
Default Value: close
Set the default behaviour of the Yast2 package manager when package
installation has finished.

Possible actions are: close - just finish the package manager
restart - go back to the package manager, install/remove more packages
summary - display an installation summary dialogue, there user can
decide whether to finish or restart
The summary dialogue is always displayed when an installation error has