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Thread: Asus AIO PC ET2700inks sound problem

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    Default Asus AIO PC ET2700inks sound problem

    Hello everybody,

    I want this pc to run as it should, but some options are missing.

    I managed to run the dvb-t (I'll write here a topic about it), but now I've got a problem with the sound. This computer have got an external subwoofer with a dedicated stack.

    I tried everything to debug (I found the subwoofer is connected on pin 0x16) but I realize today that Alsa doesn't recognize the intel HD Audio as it should be, it says codec is ALC887-VD and windows driver for this PC at Asus is for ALC663.

    Have you got an idea before I try to install Realtek drivers ? (I know it's not fine).

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    Default Re : Asus AIO PC ET2700inks sound problem

    Some supplementary information there :

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