Good Morning!

This is my first post to the forums and I'm not sure if this question has been asked perviously, but can someone please explain to me what a repository is? I've almost been forced to move my laptop onto Opensuse as I was running Window's when my hard disk give up, but because I bought the laptop reconditioned direct from Toshiba, they didn't provide me with a Window's disc and refused to pay Micro$oft £135 for a replacement disc!!! I've had a little exposure to opensuse in the past but only for very basic use, but now I'm going to be running with it day to day.

Just trying to get my head round installation of applications to enhance my experience, from what I have done so far I'm really impressed with the OS and wondering why the I didn't change sooner and of free will!

I would consider myself relatively good with computers, struggle with some of the more technical aspects of computing, hence why I'm asking this question, any replies are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!