I have up to date 12.3-32 installed on a Pentium 4 desktop with lxde. My preference for alternate applications has been toward kde and now for a digital camera problem I have installed dolphin and kio-slave.

pcmanfm is my default file manager with lxde. dolphin doesn't work well with it. So, how nice it would be if /usr/bin/exo-preferred-applications could take care of a file manager change for me!

Google seems to think replacing most any default file manager with dolphin is like backing up a train without the track. There are a number of file manager changeovers on the web, but none that I've found for dolphin.

In /usr/bin there are several of these exo apps. What are they for?
frank[5189] l /usr/bin/exo*
/usr/bin/exo-csource*            /usr/bin/exo-open*
/usr/bin/exo-desktop-item-edit*  /usr/bin/exo-preferred-applications*