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I encountered this bug on a new installation of 13.1 with no prior .kde4 folder, and only removing the notification-daemon and installing notify-osd let me get notifications again, so it seems to be a bug with the notification daemon. I only tested it with notify-send and not other apps that use notifications.
I just tried with a freshly created user, and it worked the same. (with notification-daemon installed, not notify-osd; it even worked with none of both installed as I mentioned earlier)

But it is of course possible that a default fresh KDE installation is missing a required package (that I happen to have installed, I do have GNOME installed as well f.e.).
That would be a packaging bug then I'd say (missing dependency for some package, libnotify-tools or libnotify4 maybe?)

I don't want to do a fresh install right now, but I may try that at the weekend maybe.