Cinnamon vs 2.04-2.1 has been installed in openSuSE 12.3 and has been working until a system upgrade 10/28/2013 (zypper update). Don't know which packages were updated, but Gnome is now the default desktop and an attempt to set Cinnamon as the default desktop at the user log in prompt results in an alert 'Failed to load session "cinnamon."' Cinnamon can be manually activated by opening a terminal and executing the command 'cinnamon --replace.' Below is the session response:
hbnb@HBNB:~> cinnamon --replace
JS LOG: About to start Cinnamon
JS LOG: Cinnamon started at Thu Oct 31 2013 00:32:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)
JS LOG: network applet: Cannot find connection for active (or connection cannot be read)
Window manager warning: Log level 16: STACK_OP_REMOVE: window 0x5f not in stack
JS LOG: network applet: Found connection for active

Cinnamon has been removed and re-installed without affect. Any ideas?