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Thread: konsole: background-mode & yakuake

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    Default konsole: background-mode & yakuake

    I have noticed that in the last releases the background-mode has disappeared from konsole. It's a pity, because it was very useful.

    You may say that I can have the same with yakuake. It's true, but at the price of loosing some advantages of konsole over yakuake.
    For instance: in konsole I can start a new profile using a shortcut: it opens a new tab with the new profile. In yakuake if I right-click and choose switch profile only the looks changes.

    I have different profiles to work locally or remotely (through telnet). When I need to work with the remote computer in konsole, I just press the shortcut and immediately I have a new tab with a different look and a different connection. I can't do that with yakuake. Or, at least, I don't know how.

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    Default Re: konsole: background-mode & yakuake

    At least we can go to
    and vote for this bug to be resolved in Konsole.

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    Default Re: konsole: background-mode & yakuake

    A real shame if this change really does happen.

    For the time being I wonder if a workaround is to simply apply a different text profile? ie. If the background can't be modified, AFAIK other window properties hopefully can still be defined specific to a shortcut.

    This use of different text color is something I've been experimenting with ever since I first noticed this used when implementing BASH addons(which is very cool).


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