I have version 3.2.0 of digiKam on OpenSUSE 12.3 and I can't seem to get the custom file renaming options to work. I had updated my system and got the latest from Update and still no help. I had explicitly copied the format over from my 12.1 system and it made no difference. With the old system, when using the camera download window settings, if you click on Camera filenames, it shows the filenames on the thumbnails. If you change the case to lower, it will lowercase them, and if you click on custom, it will change them to the custom format right then on all the thumbnails. This doesn't happen on the new system. Thinking it might be an issue with displaying them, I downloaded the images anyway and they were all named with the camera filenames. It seems to ignore any file renaming options.

Thinking many others must be having this issue, I tried searching but have not found any other posts about it. So maybe I may have something not set up correctly, but it sure seems to me it is acting differently than when I boot to the old system.

I like putting the date and a sequential number for my names. ([date:"yyyy-MM-dd"]_####) But even if I just put random names and sequence numbers, it makes no difference. It's still uses the names from the camera. I wonder if someone could try the custom naming out for me and see if it works for them?